Premium portraits for you and your family.

Lisa is the attraction of the Louvre. Everyone looks at it, admires it, but no one knows exactly who it is or if it really existed. Leo, the artist who made Lisa eclipse the royal faces or beauties of the time, is the discreet presence behind the famous image.

In our time, a team of talented artists takes on the role of the great Leo to identify the particular traits that reveal the deep feelings that you and your companion have towards each other. For us, Lisa is the personification of your unique relationship, enigmatic, perhaps, for those around you, but defining for your family. Lisa is always charming, even if sometimes she has claws, fangs, beak, or a thicker voice and in whatever frame she will stand, she will enjoy you every day and will awaken the curiosity and appreciation of all those who will visit your universe.


Picture of two companions

from 250 lei


Picture of a companion

from 190 lei


family painting

from 270 lei


Picture of three companions

from 310 lei

How to order

Order the desired portrait by following 3 simple steps.


Step 1. Choose your photo

Choose your favorite photo to attach it to your order. To be sure you won't run into any problems, check the Image Guide beforehand


Step 2. Choose your preferences

Select the size and add the name, then choose background color, font and frame. But wait... that's not all!


Step 3. Place your order

Complete the order and leave the rest to us. Orders will be made and shipped as soon as possible possible time.

Design makes the difference

 How we manage to be the best


Excellence in design

The porters of your companions are created in style realistic, exclusively manual, applying techniques traditional on contemporary environments, through the use of professional digital tablets as per some real artist canvases. Our attention to details is the key to achieving a quality exceptional and thus we manage to transpose faithfully the unique personality of your pet company in an unforgettable picture.


100% customization

You decide the details! You can customize portrait choosing size, color background and font, pattern, color frame and many others so that it saxonse harmonize perfectly with the atmosphere of your home. Our website is the only place where you can customize your order exactly as you Want!


Exceptional print

We use specially created paper and canvas for printing the works of art that confer depth of the image and adds a touch of three-dimensionality. The print is made by using the most recent ink application technologies for a smooth reproduction of the details. Color, texture and coating are obtained using Inkjet pigment print technology Ultrachrome.


Satisfaction guaranteed

Your satisfaction is most important for that's why we only use materials premium and we collaborate with the best suppliers. Moreover, our technique packaging is flawless, so that your order will reach you unharmed, by every time.

Gift ideas

Choose from our range of products, items that can be customized



from 150 lei



from 190 lei



from 200 lei


See what customers are saying about us. We pride ourselves on what we do by relying on
100% positive feedbacks.

Leo&Lisa are fantastic! The portrait is exactly the way I wanted it! Bravo
Gene M.
Unframed print/ 70x50/ 1 companion
the command went easy. super quality
Alex D.
Painting/ 70x50/ 1 companion
Profi team, prompt delivery and incredible result. Thanks Leo&Lisa!
Valentina P.
Unframed print/ 50x40/ 2 companions/ Download digital file
I love the portrait of my little boy!
Alina B.
Canvas/ 40x30/ 1 companion
I bought a portrait for my sister's birthday. She was excited to tears when she saw him and honestly the quality is excellent.
Robert I.
Painting/ 40x30/ 2 companions
WOW WOW WOW! I'm super impressed!!! I didn't think I would like it that much!! The quality is mindblowing and it all took a little while. I will recommend to everyone and I will order again soon. I already know what!!! Thx!
Joan A.
Painting/ 40x30/ 1 companion
I ordered 2 pillows for the living room sofa, one with Nuka, the other with Tobi. Now we laugh every time we enter the house and see them on the couch, next to the pillows with them. Brilliant idea, brilliant site!
Remus T.
Personalized pillow/ 1 companion
Communication 5 stars, delivery 5 stars, quality 5 stars. My folks will be amused when they drink from the mugs with Socrates.
Edward N.
Set of 4 personalized cups/ 1 companion
I've never seen anything packaged so well and beautifully. Not to mention the beauty of artistic creation. Really unique and exciting. I am overjoyed and I will definitely order again, and next time I will use the discount coupon that I received in the package. On as many orders as possible!
Alice I.
Painting/ 50x40/ 3 companions
I am very pleased with the painting and how things have gone since I made the order. Excellent service and communication. I haven't given it to my grandfather yet because I'm waiting for Christmas but I can say from now on that it's absolutely magical and that I'm sure he'll be very happy. I don't have enough words of praise for what these artists do. Good luck still!
John D.
Painting/ 70x50/ 1 companion
The picture is PERFECT and i have caught lord's character maximum. The thing that convinced me to order was that I could customize everything the way I wanted and the biggest surprise was that they accepted the change in the background color which was solved in a few minutes.
Agarwal G.
Painting/ 40x30/ 1 companion
My daughter is in love with her new Zizi pouch. Thanks so much!
Corina P.
Personalized phone case/ 1 companion
Matthew Z
Unframed print/ 50x40/ 2 companions
Thank you to the Leo&Lisa team!
Marius A
Lavinia T.
Painting/ 70x50/ 1 companion
Five years ago my grandfather lost Roli. It was a very difficult time for him and for the family. This year I found the Leo&Lisa website and I thought it would be great to give my grandfather a portrait of Roli. As soon as I placed the order I was contacted by Leo&Lisa who assured me that we would communicate at all stages of the process. That's how it was! I was able to see her portrait before she sent it and I was amazed at the quality and "soul" that the portrait seems to have. I haven't given it to my grandfather yet because I'm waiting for Christmas but I can say from now on that it's absolutely magical and that I'm sure he'll be very happy. I don't have enough words of praise for what these artists do. Good luck still!
Christina T.
Painting/ 70x50/ 1 companion
This was the gift for my husband on the occasion of his 20th birthday. She simply adores this wonderful work of art both for the fact that it is impeccably made but also for the fact that Bobi and Kiki are like our children. It will remain one of the most exciting gifts ever given and we will always enjoy this painting. You've done a great job! Good luck, Evelina
Evelina N.
Canvas/ 70x50/ 2 companions

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