Gift card


Gift card details

Gift card details

Choose a Gift Card with one of the following values: 100, 250, 400 or 500 lei.
Its delivery will be made quickly, by the recipient's email, and the recipient can use it to purchase any product from Leo&Lisa, but does not allow the purchase of another Gift Card.
The Gift Card can be used as a discount, for a single order, its value being deducted from the total order.

There is no issuance fee, so the amount you will pay will be the amount that the recipient will receive.

The validity of the Gift Card is 6 months.

How to send your gift card

How to send your Gift Card

1. Select the value.
2. Fill in the data in the card order form.
3. Once the payment is confirmed, the Gift Card will reach the recipient accompanied by
directions for use


1.Can I receive my Gift Card in physical format?

The Gift Card can be ordered and delivered exclusively electronically, to the recipient's email address.

2.Can I add my Gift Card after I place an order?

The Gift Card cannot be added after sending an order.

3.De how many times can I use my Gift Card?

The Gift Card can only be used once, the series of which expires after the first use. Thus, the order you are applying for the Gift Card will have a discount equal to the value of the card.
Buying another gift card using the one you already have is not allowed.

4.Can I use the amount on my gift card in cash?

The value of the Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash.

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