Shipping and delivery

Depending on the fulfillment time chosen on the order page, the dispatch and delivery can take from 2-4 working days (for those who have chosen the emergency system) to 7-8 working days (for those who have not chosen the emergency system).

For deliveries in Romania, the shipping costs are FREE for purchases over 220 lei and 20 lei for purchases under 220 lei.

For the other EU countries, the minimum order is 100 EUR / 500 lei.

The online store, www.leoandlisa.ro, offers fast delivery service, through courier companies, throughout the EU. Leo&Lisa will hand over to the courier company the products and services purchased by the customer within the term mentioned on the site at the time of making the order or within the order, for the product / products ordered and at the address mentioned in the order.

For the delays that may occur, after the parcel has been handed over to the courier company, we are not liable, but we are at your disposal with information on the status of the delivery of the package, as well as the submission to the courier company of a message, in order to speed up the delivery.

If several products with a different delivery time have been ordered in a single order, the delivery time of all the ordered goods will be equal to the longest of the delivery times of the ordered products.

If the product(s) will be delivered exceeding the aforementioned term, Leo&Lisa will inform the customer by e-mail, as soon as it becomes aware that the delivery of the order will not be possible within the maximum time limit set.

If the product will be delivered with a delay of more than 10 days, the customer can cancel the order within 3 days from the date of receipt of the information email issued by Leo&Lisa by e-mail. In this case, the amounts paid will be fully reimbursed according to the law, within a maximum of 14 days from the date of receipt by Leo&Lisa of the client's waiver email.

If the ordered products have been delivered with a delay of less than 10 days or the customer has not waived the order within the time limit and conditions mentioned above in this section, he has no right to refuse to pick up the ordered products or to claim compensation or damage for the fact that the ordered products were delivered late.

Leo&Lisa will hand over to the customer together with the ordered product/products all the documents related to the product/products purchased by the customer.

The customer undertakes to take over from the carrier the ordered products. Depending on the volume and destination of the packages, the carrier will contact the customer in order to agree on the terms of delivery. Any additional costs charged by the carrier in case of atypical deliveries will be borne by the customer.

If the customer will not be able to be contacted or it will not be possible to make an agreement with him regarding the delivery of the order, the ordered products will be returned to the seller, these products becoming the property of Leo&Lisa again. In this case, Leo&Lisa will not return to the customer the amount of money paid representing the value of the products and the transport costs.

The delivery of the products is considered fulfilled at the time when the ordered products are made available to the customer. The delivery note issued by the carrier, dated and signed by the customer, proves the delivery of the product.

At the time of delivery, the customer will have to refuse to pick up the package if it shows visible traces of damage.

The customer must immediately check after delivery the contents of the package and the conformity of the delivered products. Customers will have to check if the delivered products coincide with the products ordered and check the integrity of the products that have been delivered, so that they do not show signs of damage.

If an error has occurred regarding the contents of the package or in the case of visibly damaged products, the customer will have to contact Leo&Lisa within a maximum of 24h from the date of receipt of the products and indicate what the visible error or non-compliance consists of, by e-mail.

A representative of Leo&Lisa, will provide assistance in case the customer will have to return the original products intact along with the accessories, the original packaging and all the documentation. If Leo&Lisa finds that the customer's complaint is well founded and the delivered products have been returned intact, in the original packaging and together with all the documents regarding the products, it will deliver the products initially ordered within the initial delivery time, which will run from the date of receipt of the products returned by the customer. In this case all delivery costs will be borne by Leo&Lisa.

During public holidays and the discount period there is the possibility of delays in the delivery of parcels for reasons beyond our control. We will do our best to ensure that these issues do not affect the standard term.

No orders are shipped on Saturday and Sunday. They will be processed on the first working day. Couriers also do not deliver on Sundays and days off.


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