Picture of two companions

The price starts from 250 lei. The final cost will be displayed after selecting all the options.
In the package you will also find a gift voucher with 5% discount for the next order.

  • * Dimension

    Please check the Image Guide to make sure the photograph meets all our requirements before you upload it.

    You can add background elements (sky, forest, floating toys, etc.), items
    clothing, or accessories (bandana, glasses, themed accessories, etc.)


    Rolled print shipped in cardboard tube

    For the safe transportation of unframed work, it is necessary to pack it in a cardboard tube.

    Plastic frame

    Plastic frame

    Plastic frame

    MDF wooden frame

    MDF wooden frame

    MDF wooden frame

    Show frame options

    Frame made of solid wood

    Frame made of solid wood

    Frame made of solid wood

    MDF wooden frame with stepper

    MDF wooden frame with stepper

    Clips frame

    Clips frame

    Clips frame

    Hide frame options


We make modern portraits in a realistic style, made exclusively by hand, after your photo and that of your companion.
We use professional graphics tablets to create portraits, and then print using Inkjet Print technology with Ultrachrome pigment to obtain a graphic image of a high aesthetic level.

Portraits can be printed on:

1. High quality paper of 180 g and 200 g for large sizes and 300 g for small size.

2. Canvas specially created for printing works of art.

3. New, sealed, original products benefiting from the specific guarantee given by the supplier, manufacturer, or official distributor.

Image Guide

It is important that you carefully go through the Image Guide so that we can make a portrait of you with exceptional quality. The more details the photos contain and the brighter the closer the portrait will be to the actual image of you or your companion.

Choice of photo

The photo you will send us must comply with the following requirements:

1. Resolution as high as possible.
You can also take pictures with your phone as long as its camera is of impeccable quality.

2. Suitable brightness.
The best light is during the day. When you find a bright spot and be ready to take the photo, make sure the light doesn't come from one side or the back. It must be frontal and evenly dispersed.

3. Body position and shooting angle.
Vertical position, bust framing, shooting angle parallel to
the surface of the soil (not from above, or from below) and the gaze into the objective, will ensure
the calutate of the photo. Also the eyes, nose and ears must be perfect

4. No uninvited guests in the picture.
Make sure there are no shadows or reflections that can distort the image.

5. No filters or photos modified.

Our products are faithful copies of the photos received from you. If accessories appear in the picture, they will also be found in the final product.

For a successful photo attract their attention with the help of your favorite toys!


Examples people photos

Examples of animal photos

Shipping and delivery

Depending on the time of completion you have chosen, shipping and delivery can take from 2-4 working days (for those who chose the emergency system) to 7-8 working days (for those who did not choose the emergency system).

Payment is made exclusively online, in maximum safety conditions using a bank card that allows online transactions to be made. After making the payment, you will receive a payment confirmation at your email address. The payment processor uses a secure system based on the 3Dsecure standard.

Delivery of products is made throughout the country.

Orders larger than 220 lei benefit from free shipping.

The products are delivered by fast courier to the address indicated by the buyer as the delivery address.

During public holidays and the discount period there is the possibility of delays in the delivery of parcels for reasons beyond our control. We will do our best to ensure that these issues do not affect the standard term.

No orders are shipped on Saturday and Sunday. They will be processed on the first working day. Couriers also do not deliver on Sundays and days off.

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