1. Do you make paintings only with animals or also with people?

We make paintings of both animals and people. We can create the individual or collective portraits of any pet, from turtles to horses, which you can order in the form of a painting with one, two or three companions. And if you want a picture of the whole family (and people and animals), you can order it on the Family Picture page.

2. Can I see the work before it is delivered?

Certainly! Only we offer preview and a revision of the background color, in case we are asked for these things. We want you to be 100% happy with your Leo&Lisa products.

3. What is the maximum number of companions/ people in a painting?

The maximum number is three companions and four individuals. 

If you want a painting with a larger number of companions / people, you can write to us here,(Contact Page), in the Leo&Lisa chatbox, or at the address hello@leoandlisa.ro

4. Can I change my order details once it has been placed?

A supported order cannot be changed. If the user wants a change (inclusion of new products or waiver of products), he will cancel the previous order made and will make a new order, only if the acceptance of the order by Leo&Lisa has not occurred.

Please contact us here (Contact Page) if this happens.

5. Is it mandatory to write my name in the order form?

Of course not. If you prefer a minimalist design, without the name being displayed on the products, please enter the text "NO NAME" in the name box.

6. How do I know if my photo meets the quality requirements?

Please refer to the Image Guide to be sure that the image fits within the parameters required by us. If you are still unsure, please contact us here (Contact Page) in the Leo&Lisa chatbox, or at hello@leoandlisa.ro address, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


1.When will I receive my order?

Depending on the time of completion for which you have opted on the order page, respectively simple regime (with the completion of the work in 3-7 working days) or emergency regime (with the completion of the work in 1-3 working days, for which the emergency fee is also charged), the order can reach you within 7-14 days in simple regime and 3-7 days in emergency regime.

2.When will I receive the AWB tracking of the order?

When you approve the final product, we will contact the courier and send you the tracking number of the package. It is worth remembering that during the periods of discounts and holidays, the processing time can increase independently of our will.

3. What shipping charges will I have to pay?

If the order exceeds 220 lei, the shipping is free of charge. If the order does not exceed this amount, the shipping fee is 20 lei.

4. Can I cancel an order?

Unfortunately, a supported order cannot be cancelled.

5. Do you also ship abroad?

For the moment, the delivery of our products is possible only in Romania and within the EU.


1.What if I am not satisfied with my order?

The most important thing for us is to be sure that you are satisfied with the order, before it leaves for you. That is why we offer the possibility of previewing and changing the color of the background for all types of products, if this is required.

2. What return policy do you have?

Taking into account that our products are fully personalized, we can offer the possibility of return only under certain conditions. For more details, please refer to our Return Policy or you can contact us here (Contact Page).

3. My order was damaged during transport. What do I do?

In the extremely unlikely event of damage to the order during transport, or in case of an error in the contents of the package, the customer will have to contact Leo&Lisa within a maximum of 24h from the date of receipt of the products and indicate what the visible error or non-compliance consists of, by e-mail. 

A representative of Leo&Lisa, will provide assistance in case the customer will have to return the original products intact along with the accessories, the original packaging and all the documentation. If Leo&Lisa finds that the customer's complaint is well founded and the delivered products have been returned intact, in the original packaging and together with all the documents regarding the products, it will deliver the products initially ordered within the initial delivery time, which will run from the date of receipt of the products returned by the customer. In this case all delivery costs will be borne by Leo&Lisa.

For more details, contact us here (Contact Page) or write to us in the Leo&Lisa chatbox or at hello@leoandlisa.ro


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